Pravana Perfect Brunette Trio Pack Vegan & Biodegradable Packaging

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Formulated with the first-ever blue-green toning complex to instantly banish orange/red tones in brunette hair. Basic colour wheel theory teaches us that blue cancels out orange and green eliminates red. However, the effects of colour fading, sun damage and residual oxidation can leave brunettes with a combination of both red and orange brassy hues. Well, not anymore! PRAVANA is ready to reveal your best brunette yet with an exclusive, highly-pigmented blue-green formula that instantly neutralises those unwanted tones and banish all that brass.


Protect, enrich and get your brunette hair back to its deep, luscious state. Neutralise unwanted orange and red tones with its unique toning teal complex and saturate brunette strands with strength, glass-like shine and reveal your richest, most opulent brunette hair yet! Use following THE PERFECT BRUNETTE Sulphate-Free Shampoo to instantly banish the brass and to achieve glossy, bombshell brunette hair every time you shower.


Repair, deeply nourish and eliminate unwanted orange and red tones. Dowse hair with this thick, nutrient-dense masque to replenish, revive and reveal your best brunette ever. Over time brunettes lose their richness and depth, but brunettes don’t need purple, as purple counteracts yellow, not the common orange and red found in brunettes. With the highest concentration of its teal toning complex, this lush, deeply nourishing treatment instantly neutralises unwanted orange and red hues tones and saturates strands with a burst of moisture to hydrate, detangle and leave behind nothing but glorious, rich brunette hair in less than 5 minutes.

Hair Type/Result I Recommend For!

If you haaaaaaaate red/orange tones in your Brunette hue, then this is the pack for you!
Also Vegan and 100% Biodegradable Packaging!!!

Do not use if you are blonde! It will turn your colour too a pooey tone, go for Purple instead, such as Revlon 1022 Nutricolor Conditioner Treatment!



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