Revlon’s Nutri Color Creme 100 ml- 812 Pearly Beige for Medium Blonde

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Revlon’s Nutri Color Creme not only smells like scrumptious lollies, but makes your hair feel as good as it tones!

This colour conditioner is 812, Light Pearly Beige Blonde! This is a Medium Blonde Level, with Cool Ash Pearly reflect that can also be used over Platinum Blonde if you are after a fun slightly darker change!

COLOUR : Refresh and boost colours or create personalised fantasy shades in minutes

CARE : Formulated with ingredients used in cosmetics and enriched with antioxidants and vitamins

SHINE : The combination of colour and care ingredients guarantees radiant colour and healthy -looking silky shiny hair

A concentrate of ionic pigments that interact immediately with hair. AHA fruit acids hydrate, soften, nourish and untangle hair without reducing volume. Cosmetic agents soften and polish the cuticle. Does not contain ammonia or peroxide.

How to use:

Wash and towel dry hair
Wear Gloves
Use the product according to the desired result, follow the recommendations
Rinse thoroughly
Do not apply onto the scalp
If skin is stained, wash at once with cotton soaked in water and shampoo


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